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Graphics made with love.
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We make all kinds of graphics, including:
We cover all kinds of fandoms, including:
-Prison Break
-Harry Potter
-Grey's Anatomy
and more, plus stock, photography, fashion, etc.

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-Please talk with proper grammer, spelling, and capitalization. We want to keep this community somewhat professional. A couple of typos are fine, but if you don't even bother spelling properly, then we'll comment on your entry asking you to edit it. If you don't, we'll delete the post.
-Please comment! Comments make us feel loved.
-Credit- we work hard and we'd like something for it. :) Don't know how? Never fear! Find out HERE!
-Do not hotlink- we haven't had any problems with this and we hope never to have any!
-Be nice. :)

For posters:
Please LJ cut if you are posting:
-more than one banner
-large banners or wallpapers (anything that could mess up someone's layout)
-lots of icons- we can be flexible on this one, but obviously 100 icons is too much in front of a cut.
How to lj cut, you ask? Why, simply look HERE!

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If you like what you see here, please join for more updates. ♥

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Want to affiliate with us?

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<a href="http://community.livejournal.com/made_withlove/11028.html>This post</a> is the place to go if you have any questions, or even any suggestions for the community. :) </center>