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Made with love


Graphics made with love.


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Hey everyone!! I've been too lazy to update so I'm going to do so now!! I've actually been pretty busy recently in terms of graphics. Actually, I've made like, three blends and a crapload of icons. I'm only going to post the icons, 'cause you don't really need the blends.

Since I don't know how to post them on a table (would anyone like to explain that to me?), they're going to be as one image 'cause it's easier than posting them one by one. So here they are:

9 Kate Hudson icons
4 Alexis Bledel icons

- Not Hotlinking
- Comments Make Me Feel Loved!!

If there's an icon you'd like to take, comment and I'll reply with the icon 'cause you can really take it off the image.


  • Aww these are beautiful! ^^ I've seen the Alexis ones already, lol, and the Kate ones are great too! Awesome job, they make me feel bubbly. x3
  • ooh wow!! The colours in the alexis bledel ones are BEAUTIFUL.
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