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Made with love

hello, it's me again. :) i know I just posted, but I've been in a bit…

Graphics made with love.

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hello, it's me again. :) i know I just posted, but I've been in a bit of an iconing mood so I made more, random icons. Plus i have a request open. ^^

8 Kurt Halsey
5 Keira Knightly

Kurt Halsey
Please credit Kurt Halsey for the artwork, as well as me for the icon. :)

Keira Knightley


14. "Life is Short' Butterfly Boucher
15."Where Does The Good Go?" Tegan and sarah
16. "Suddenly I see" KT Tunstall

So I started making lyric icons, but I wasn't really sure what lyrics people would want to see. So I've decided to open up a request! Each person can request up to two icons, up to a maximum of ten icons total.

Please use this format:
1. The exact lyrics you want on the icon
2.  The exact font or type of font you want used, you don't HAVE to fill this one in.
3. The kind of texture/details you'd like; you can give me a specific texture to use or just say something like "I want a blue one". or if you have no idea that's fine too. :P
4. Any other notes.

So if anyone wants a lyrical icon, I'm game to make it. :) In any case enjoy these icons, but don't forget to comment and credit!!

  • Those icons are really pretty. :) And the artwork ones are so cute.

    I'm in a "Everything I Do" mood--"(Everything I Do) I Do it For You" by Bryan Adams--ummm maybe a simple font or a pretty font, like handwriting ish, but not too embellished. And something pretty-looking. ^^ I mean kinda romantic and deep... deep red maybe, for the bg... maybe light cream colour font... Or maybe switched around. Iunno, whatever you're inspired for.

    So yeah, the quote "Everything I do..."

    And if you've seen High School Musical, "This feeling's like no other" or "This feeling's like no other, I want you to know..." whichever one seems better... and again, whatever you'd like... regarding colours. For font, Iunno.. maybe something pretty-ish again.


    • I know I love making Lurt Halsey icons because they're really easy- you just add soem textures and play around, you don't really have to worry about the colouring. :P

      Alright no problem, working on them now. :)
    • Alright, here they are! I made two variations for the second one. I think I like it without the next line better, but i thought I should give you the option. Enjoy, and credit the community:)

      Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

      Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

      Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
      • Amazing!! Thank you so much~ It's funny because for the second quote I was thinking kind of bluish too! But I never said what... Haha but you made it great~ I love them ^___^

        ♥♥ I shall definitely credit. Thaaank yooou~
  • hahahahahhaahha you actually dont know how hard i am laughing because you started the post with "hello, it is me again." and that is the english translation of the lyrics of this one really funny french song I have that goes "salut, c'est encore moi.."

    Anyways to talk icons..

    I would like one that says "salut, c'est encore moi" and you can let your creativity run wild with that one and one that says " Princess of the Blood" and you can let your imagination run wild with that one as well.

  • Can I still request one??
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